Before + After: Shoppe Criollo, Pacific Palisades

April 13, 2018

SO, I’ve shared this story before, but in case ya missed it, here’s the story of how we found our adoooorable Pacific Palisades location.

I had to reschedule a meeting (fate sign #1). Mike and I already had a meeting in Brentwood that day, but we figured we could have our meeting first and then I could meet my client in the Palisades afterwards. We were in one car so Mike would just drop me off and walk around the Palisades Village while I had my meeting. He dropped me off and parked the car RIGHT IN FRONT of the “The Cottage” (the store before our ). Parking ain’t that easy in that neighborhood (so, fate sign #2). They had put the “For Lease” sign up that morning (fate sign #3), we called, met the owner that week and BAM, we signed the papers for the space just like that.  

It irritates everyone around me, because I literally talk about this all the time, but I SO believe in fate and that whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you.

So somehow in two short years, we have TWO SHOPPES and I am so humbled, so happy, so proud of our team and it makes me tear up with joy. How did we get so lucky?!? It’s truly proof that if you work hard and love what you do…. ANYTHING can happen.

We’ve only been open for a week…. And can I just personally say THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me the nicest messages and come to the ? You guys are truly the best… THANK YOU ALL!

Alrighty so now the fun part!! I know I’ve shared a few photos of the space before this turned into our , but HOLY. COW. This is probably the most dramatic Before & After…… EVER.

Not only do I looooove this location and this little beachside town (fun fact, my first real job was right around the corner from our now), the bones of this space allowed us make this look like our Calabasas Shoppe. The original ceilings, the windows…everything (okay, maybe not everything, but close enough).

So anyway, here’s a look at our transformation of Shoppe Pacific Palisades. Now… we’re going to get crackin’ on a third Shoppe. JK JK (…or are we???)….



Exterior Paint: Blacktop by Benjamin Moore 

Interior Paint: Simply White by Benjamin Moore

Photos by 

  1. Amazing!!!! Love the story and love the shop! You are living my dream! I would so love to have an physical store front and a design studio in back. People think I’m crazy to want to do a retail store. But I think it’s such a wonderful way to personally show who you are and to invite people to experience it first hand. Im off to play lotto!

  2. Gorgeous-ness all around. You are an amazing talent. Thanks for the daily inspiration, Amber! Congratulations on #shoppepacificpalisades

  3. So so beautiful! I know you hear this a million times a day but you are one of the best! Be proud…One day I will be able to afford your design eye! XOXO

  4. How do we get information on some pieces shown in the photos? I love the black console table and the black and rush chairs on the photo with the green sofa.

  5. Hello,
    I have been looking for a large photo with sun shining through a tree’s leaves for a long time, exactly like the one in the living room area of your Shoppe. Are you able to say where you got it from?
    Thank you so much!

  6. This is fantastic! I know it’s a retail space, but feels like I could just move right in. The before and after is so dramatic.Loooove everything about it. Keep up the amazing work!

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