Bad gone Good

November 9, 2011

Unless it is Christmas or you are a damn toy making elf,
 red and green is typically not an acceptable color combination in my book…(call me crazy)
.until, This Stuff happened…

 {via }


honk honk..beep
Boing Boing!
Not bad, huh?
{totes worth the sound effects}
 I guess sometimes the color wheel might just know what it’s talking about.
you know that super inspirational,
always awesome,
totally stalk-able, 
you know, This one
 Mackenzie asked me a few questions the other day and she posted my mini-interview up on her bloggy this morning…
so if you are not completely sick of me
go .
  1. The first image is the kitchen of Leah Steen of Revival Home and Garden in Seattle. She is a fab designer with an equally fabulous store. She helped me pick out a bunch of stuff for my house including Vivienne Westwood’s squiggle wallpaper in red for my dining room. She has a blog…check it out.

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