Artist Spotlight: Lily Stockman

November 2, 2015

hey….. Hey… HEYYYY!!!

 Lily  where have you been all of my life??? You are doing so much right with your art, I can’t even handle it!

For real-zies, you should all do yourselves a frickin’ favor and stalk Lily Stockman’s work like I have been doing. I’ve already started the process for you by displaying some of my top picks below, but you should totally go choose  your own faves by clicking .

Tell her you saw her work on my bloggy and maybe she will email me so we can be besties…..or something, HA!

Criollo - Artist Spotlight - Lily Stockman

  1. Lily totally seems like the best friend everyone would want. I’d kinda hate her if I wasn’t such a fan!

    She doesn’t keep her old (amazing) blog updated but it’s still worth a visit through the archives: . Her Instagram gives small glimpses too
    . And then there’s her Block Shop (). I covet those scarves big time.

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