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an ode to chairs – Criollo-

an ode to chairs

January 23, 2014

I have often been accused of having a legit hoarding issue. You see, in my mind I am a “collector”, but to my husband or any human being on the planet with two eyes that can see,  I have a healthy case of the hoards.

Pshhht it’s soooo not that bad (rolls eyes)

Anyways, like most compulsive disorders, I have a “go to” behavior. My problem is fabric and chairs. Mainly fabric but a lot of chairs as well. Its sick, but I can’t control myself.

Because I have literally run out of room (and might end up in divorce court) I have had to feed my obsession by  my fingers off.

Here is a little chair porn to get you in the mood ..

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Picture 7











Gahhhhhh so good.

how bout you…do you hoard?

  1. Right here. I get it. Fabric and Chairs. I buy just a yard or two of a fabric that I fall in love with and enjoy looking at it just folded like a throw over the back of a chair. I have shelves filled with those folded treasures.
    Chairs? They’re like sculpture and I love the way their form can change the vibe of a space.
    I used to have a thing for dishes too.

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