aannd this happened

September 27, 2013





yep that’s my house, and

yep that’s a for sale sign, and

yep that’s an IN ESCROW sign


wanna know whats crazy, this happened so fast that we didn’t even really have time to think about it

you know, common sense thoughts like…..where are we gonna move?

are we gonna buy ?

are we gonna rent ?

should we move to South Carolina or Guam ??

There is almost  NOTHING that we thought about except the bottom line..which was great, but now we are scrambling..and the stress is intense

So folks, looks like I will be moving shortly, which can only mean a plethora of blog posts filled with images of what I do to my new house (wherever that may be)

I ask you all a favor and please send positive vibes our way.  “Secret” it that my family and I find a new home, and our Escrow closes without a hitch.


  1. Iowa’s nice and we could use a little style. Yeah, I know… Wasn’t even an option. Exciting news though and best of luck!!!

  2. Oooh how fun, exciting, and scary all at the same time. I love your house. This is so bittersweet. I hope you find a home soon. FYI there is a GORGEOUS newly redone house for sale few blocks from me in the Peninsula in Long Beach that has a little back studio/office AND a backyard (which is rare around here) that would be perfect for you and your little family. Only problem it’s 1.8m…well maybe not a problem for you 😉 Best of luck!

  3. Hi Amber I love your blog…so much inspiration. Question…on one of the pics there is a ‘LOVE” sign behind the daybed. Where can I buy that? Thank You


  4. Love your style! Love your blog! I’m moving shortly and will be putting new flooring in. When you move will you go for dark or light flooring? What’s your favorite look?

  5. Hey Amber we just did the exact same thing!!! On a whim decided to put our house on the market and it sold in 4 days, 30 day escrow. Now that the close of escrow is around the corner I’m a total biotch because moving is the WORST!!! It’s going to happen and I guess I’ll deal. Looking forward to new projects on a new house…oh wait gotta find that house first! Looks like we will be renters for awhile! Good luck!

  6. Hi Amber,

    Congrats on the .com! Love your stuff! Curious if there’s any chance you remember/will share the dimensions the Calcutta gold tile was cut to for the Sweetie Pie’s house fireplace surround? Love what you did but I am totally clueless when it comes to tile (aside from knowing the look I like LOL) and would love to replicate this on the fireplace redo project we are about to embark on ! Thanks so much!

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