A little cognac

October 25, 2013

With all this cyber stalking and new house inspiration pinning that has been going on lately, I couldn’t help but notice a little theme.

I got a real thing for cognac…

just look









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 its pretty much my new obsession and I am pretty sure I am gonna lather my new house in leather


in other news, I just signed on to an AMAZING project that I cant wait to start blogging about. Its a full blow remodel on an incredible house.  I get to completely gut a kitchen, new bathrooms, update everything and it will be a long time gig that will have little ole me an even busier busy bee.


have a fab weekend lovers.

Thanks again so much for your reassurance at the beginning of the week. Its nice to know your still around!


  1. Love all the looks! I’m having a really hard time integrating 2 leather chairs into our great room that my husband insists on keeping. They always seem to throw off a lodgey feel that I am def Not going for. This gives me some good styling ideas!

  2. I didn’t comment on your post earlier in the week, but I check your blog daily – everything you do is super inspiring, so please keep doing your thing!!!

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