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January 29, 2014


Hi Lovers,

Happy Hump Day!

Lets discuss some worthy links and some of my current thoughts on things..

1// this is redic!!!  I could move there tomorrow no problem and get acquainted with the land Down Unda. Why is everything cooler in Australia?

2//  need to find a place in my house or a clients house ASAP. Where and how do I get one since no one has responded to my hounding…Inter-web-pals do you have any thoughts?? an inside source perhaps??

3// I am gearing up for another detox. Not because I want to lose weight, but because I want to jump start my metabolism and give my body a quick refresh. I will turn to queen Gwynnie and her Goop Kingdom for my .  I plan on reporting my Detox progress here once I start 

4// I have a crazy craving for Mint tea lately…

5// I bought leather jacket and its pretty amazing. Its buttery and fits like a champ. If ever you were going to drop some dough on the perfect staple leather piece…!

6// I have sorta mentioned,  and if you follow me on Instagram (@amberinteriors) you may have seen,  that I am helping Emily from  on her and her husbands newly purchased home. Ever since we started to work together I have quickly become one of her millions of OBSESSED blog followers!!!  I am serious…. Emily could quite possibly be the sweetest person on planet earth.  Not only is she classically beautiful, and intelligent as hell, but she acts like a lady and thinks like a boss, and I have lots of respect for a biz lady like that. I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to work with her and absorb some of her magical powers. She recently posted a little sneak peak into her house  and soon (like maybe tomorrow) we are starting to reveal bit by bit some of the giant changes we have made to their home!! It’s really good, so don’t miss it.

and lastly

7// We have been waiting very very patiently for our new pillow stock to be ready to pick up from my workroom. FINALLY its all here and ready for ya!! , , and for my current faves….although, they are all pretty spesh if you ask me!!

oh and not to mention a few gorgeous new rugs… !!


  1. Love it all! Thanks for sharing! (just lost an hour of productivity at work looking at that fabulousness, but who’s counting? 😉 Excited to try the detox

  2. You can find the lights at:

    I stumbled upon the artist Ana Kras on The Avant/Garde Diaries and was very captivated by her lights as well.

  3. That detox looks great. Although I couldn’t do the spoonfuls of oil thing. I tried doing that with coconut oil awhile back and it was gag city! Blech! Emily’s house look so charming already, I can’t wait to see you guys shuz it up!!!

  4. Just got back from 2 glorious weeks in Australia and yes… I think everything is cooler down there too! Well, except for the food and the price of everything. So expensive!

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