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2018 Forecast: Kitchen Design – Criollo-

2018 Forecast: Kitchen Design

January 23, 2018

WOOP – HERE IT IS! MY 2018 Kitchen Designs Forecast!! It’s pretty clear that all these kitchens are freakin’ GORGEOUS and serve as major pinspiration for anyone hoping to design their dream kitchen in the next year – or two – or three. I really wanted to pick designs that I think are lasting. Notice I didn’t use the word trend… I dislike the word trend. It’s scary to think that we’re blindly following design trends that will all eventually phase themselves out. C’mon peeps!

Anyways – Here are 5 design forecasts that I think will withstand the test of time. We are working to incorporate all of them into upcoming projects and you should be doing the same!


Do I really have to explain myself here? Integrated sinks & countertops are the beez kneez.


Is it modern? Is it old-school? It’s a mix of both and I ain’t mad about it.


I can get down with a thin counter top. It’s sleek & classy – , allows your cabinetry to stand out.


You may all think I’m crazier than your Aunt Deb – but I ain’t – OKAY. I’m tellin’ ya, allow each room to be it’s own and your house will feel COZY.


I’ll admit it, I used to love an even, subtle marble (and still do)… but lately I’ve been digging the loud veiny statement slabs. So sue me.

Credits in order of appearance….

Integrated Marble Sink: Design by  // Design by  // Design by  // Design by  // Design by

White Brick Backsplash: Design by  // Design by  // Designer Unknown –  // Design by  // Design by

Thin Counter Tops: Design by  (1,2,4) // Design by  // Design by

Non-Open Floor Plan: Designer Unknown –  // Design by //Design by  // Design by  // Design by 

Statement Marble: Design by  // Design by  // Source Unknown // Designer Unknown –  // Design by

  1. Thank you for recognizing the value and warmth of separate rooms! Although our kitchen (and sunroom adjoining),living and dining are separate, entries to each are still wide (no doors), which still evoke light, space and views…much like your inspiration photos. Oh…and I’ve got the white brick backsplash, shiplap (on 12 ft ceiling in kitchen only), and Rustic beams (same) as in photos…check, check and check. And this is a house we built 25 years ago. It’s going on the market soon (we’re in The Woodlands, TX if anyone is looking 🙂 so I was THRILLED with your forecast! So on target. And my name is Deb

  2. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and kitchen vibes for 2018!! I just love everything you do 🙂 I’ll have my fingers crossed for a master bath forecast for the coming year, since we’re gearing up to re-do ours at the moment!

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