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January 25, 2017

Hello loves – I know I say this much more often than I should – but, MAN, it’s been awhile. Things are hopefully going to change around here in Ambular Interiors Blog world – I’m hoping to bring you much more of my creative process and inspiration over the next year!!

To update y’all, this year is off to a great start. I’m so excited to announce *officially* on blog that lil ‘ole has it’s own line of customizable furniture!! This has been months and months of blood, sweat, and tears – and it’s finally played out into something I’m SOOO proud of. (Thank you Universe.)

Introducing Shoppe’s very own, ridiculous line-up below… be sure to scroll to the bottom for more details!

Shoppe_Presents_1 Shoppe_Presents_2

Sooooo… Do we love and approve?! I hope you’re all as excited as we are over here!!! Keep in mind that all these bad boys can be fully customized to your own specifications. Another , COM is available – for all you design newbies, this just means – if you have another fabric you’d like to use, you sure can!

For all dimensions and detail images, visit . Plus, for any questions at all feel free to email [email protected] -or- give us a call at 747.226.3898.

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      1. Hi Mel, So we can better understand our customers, or potential customers.. it would be helpful to know what you are comparing our pricing to? If it’s a big box store and a sofa that is made in mass production or shipped from overseas, then I would see how our furniture could be “Crazy Expensive”, but if you are comparing our high end product against another high end product we would be curious to know the differences in our pricing vs’ theirs. I am also wondering if you are taking into account the fact our products are made locally in Los Angeles, using high quality construction methods, and hands on quality control and overseeing the project from start to finish and ensuring each piece is made perfectly? Also by importing the finest quality european linen from fabric mills who have been in business for years and years. Of course we appreciate your feedback, however being a small boutique we value supporting small businesses, and work with respected artisans and makers. Emily Henderson actually just wrote a informative blog post about quality vs’ affordability. You can read it…

  1. Sorry Amber but I have to agree and say that the prices are insane. I live in Australia where every thing is expensive and these prices are just not realistic even for over here. I guess if you are pitching at only the wealthy you might be ok but as beautiful as the pieces are I just can’t see the average person even being able to concider them sadly.

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