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TOP 10 : Lighting – Criollo-

TOP 10 : Lighting

February 17, 2014

Happy Monday…

I have been quite impressed with all the bright and cute lighting that I have seen on the world wide inter webs lately.

I love it, so I have decided to share

Here are some of my top ten faves of the moment… toptenlightingamberinteriors

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  1. I I love clean,simple and modern. Just did #3 idea over our bar and it really gets the WOW factor with three pendent light together. Found for a good price at

  2. I’m loving #3 & #4.

    I found these barn lights recently, that have so many color options:
    The lED lasts for such a long time & it’s durable & reeeally easy to install. You gotta hop on this.

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